Sociedad Cooperativa Gallega

  Transportes del Lérez

The cooperative activities:

According to article 4 of the statutes of the cooperative, the economic activity of the same aims the performance of all kinds of operations aimed at the better use of the holdings of its partners, its elements or components. Economic activities that, for the fulfilment of its corporate purpose, developed the cooperative are, depending on the activity of the partners, road transport of goods and things as well as all those which have as their object the provision of services and supplies.

Among others, mainly, the following are outlined:

1.- Recruitment of public transport of all kinds of goods in discretionary regime, which will be performed by vehicles of the partners.

2.- Keep informed with the timing and urgency needed to members concerning the legislation relating to the activity, as well as all issues of interest to its daily activity.

3.- By contracting with licensed professionals facilitate the processing and management of all those administrative matters that could be required or necessary for each of the partners.

4.- Manage and, where appropriate, establish prior studies and relevant offers, all kinds of individual and collective insurance for the benefit of the Company and its partners as well.

5.- Acquisition, storage and supplies or distribution of all kind of products, goods and consumables required for the activity of partners and, being the case, the distribution among partners. In the same form distribution among partners of products seized, subject to restrictive quotas of consumption, in accordance with the rules laid down by the competent authorities where appropriate.

6.- Managing and, if necessary, hire temporarily, repair, garage and service station washing and lubrication, with workshop or workshops approved for use by the partners. If necessary, to set up as direct service of the cooperative these ones as theirs own.

7.- Manage, and if necessary, hire any service of any kind which result in an improvement of the activity of the partner and the cooperative and in general all those activities that complement the above and cooperative activity and its partners.


We mainly provide the following resources and infrastructure:

· Office and archive located in Pontevedra.
· Meeting room in the same facilities.
· Furthermore, partners make available the 72 cooperative trucks with their corresponding drivers, consisting of head tractor and semi-trailer tautliner type.
· Office equipment: 4 computers, 3 printers, fax and photocopier. 4 Fixed telephone lines and 6 mobile phone lines.
· 5 employees full time in charge of administration and management of traffic.
· 1 a part-time employee in charge of cleaning.