Sociedad Cooperativa Gallega

  Transportes del Lérez

Quality policy:

TRANSPORTES DEL LÉREZ SOCIEDAD COOPERATIVA GALLEGA considers the quality policy as the indispensable instrument to lead the Organization of the cooperative towards continuous improvement, within a global strategy, in the provision of transport services for goods.

The Directorate understands that TRANSPORTES DEL LÉREZ SOCIEDAD COOPERATIVA GALLEGA policy of quality has to ensure that the services provided meet commitments to our customers under all points of view: reliability, deadlines, quality of service, etc.

To achieve such degree of satisfaction desired by the customer, several actions have been set in place:

· A documented system of management of quality according to the UNE-EN ISO 9001 standard..
· Reviews of the quality policy in the reviewing of management and monitoring.
· Assessment of the quality system in the internal audits, Executive Board and evaluation by the customer.
· Compliance with the regulations which apply to the activities of the cooperative.
· The reduction commitment of nonconformities is general policy to get customers more satisfied and improves the internal organization. When these non-conformities occur, the causes will be studied and corrective action will be taken, this system being the basis of continuous improvement.
· Development of services should pay at optimal cost, i.e., at the lowest cost that ensures compliance with all requirements of the customer.
· Team work, training of employees and partners are the basis for achieving the objectives.
· Good communication with the customer, between the different departments and with partners will allow that the quality objectives are understood and persecuted throughout the Organization of TRANSPORTES DEL LÉREZ SOCIEDAD COOPERATIVA GALLEGA..

The main objective of TRANSPORTES DEL LÉREZ SOCIEDAD COOPERATIVA GALLEGA, is to get satisfied customers.